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Students helping people in the Downtown Eastside

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Students from Killarney Secondary will be out of the classroom and headed into the Downtown Eastside today to give back to the community.

The school’s “Student Street Squad” will be handing out 500 care packages to homeless people. Grade 12 student Herman Lam says it’s a tradition that has been on-going for almost a decade.

¬†“In our group, we all want to give back. We try so hard to give back to the community. We know some¬† people don’t do enough. We always feel like we should do more, ” he explains.

About 80 students from grades 8-12 take on the task of fundraising, building the care packages and handing them out at this time every year. The packages contain everyday neccessities like toothbrushes, socks, scarves, and food items.

Lam tells us the purpose is to bring some cheer and to help those less fortunate better cope with the cold weather this season.

“Winter is a harsh time. Many homeless are living on the streets with nothing warm,” says Lam. “I think we are very lucky, I think compared to the people in the [Downtown Eastside], we have shelter and they don’t; that’s why we want to give them these care packages.”

The students will distribute the goods in an alley near Main and Hastings.