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City of Vancouver to cut business licence red tape

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The City of Vancouver is looking to streamline the application process for business licenses.

Vancouver’s deputy chief  license inspector Tom Hammel says the goal is to make it easier for people applying for new business permits online.   “[We’re] reducing the amount of information that business owners will have to provide upfront, in terms of identification and certificates for things like trades, qualifications and that sort of thing.  We’re relying more on an honour-based system.”

Information will be verified later through periodic checks. 

In another attempt to simplify applications, Hammel expects to chop the number of licence categories in half from 500, which he says will empower the Vancouver Economic Commission.

“They’ll be able to do more meaningful analysis of types of businesses in the city and how that’s changing and how we’re moving towards greening the city and encouraging new types of businesses.”

The deadline to pay business license renewal fees for this year is Jan.15.  They can be paid online or at city hall.