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Renewed riot investigation reassurance by VPD Chief

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It was an attempt at reassurance today by the Vancouver Police to the business community. The VPD’s Chief Constable has told the Vancouver Board of Trade that the department is working hard to make sure accused Stanley Cup rioters get strong sentences.

Jim Chu insists his officers are doing it the right way. He again drew on the claim it takes a long time to gather evidence for Crown to put together a solid case.    

Chu also told the luncheon at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel on Canada Place that even rioters in the past who have pleaded guilty have been handed jail time.

“The case law is very severe sentences; the leading case is from the BC Court of Appeal and there was jail time given up,” he says.  “But every case is going to be different.  I’m leaving it up to the judges.  Our job as police is to present the very best evidence possible.”

He acknowledges prison may not be appropriate for everyone and despite all the hard work, Chu admits some accused rioters may get away with community service or just an apology letter.

So far two rioters have pleaded guilty, 30 people have been charged, and more than 200 charges are recommended against 80 suspects.