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Publishers restricting access to e-books for libraries

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Libraries are seeing an explosion in the borrowing of e-books, but some of the big, best-selling publishers are restricting access to top titles.

The problem, from the publishers’ point of view, is e-books theoretically last forever; libraries don’t ever need to buy more copies.

The Vancouver Public Library logs hundreds of downloads daily. The VPL’s Christina de Castell says they’re working with publishers on solutions that make sense for both sides.

“I suspect the best model involves limiting the number of circulations in some way. Either we’re going to pay a higher price for unlimited circulations or a lower price for limited circulation,” she explains.

For borrowers, that would mean more best-sellers available as e-books at your local library.

In the meantime, de Castell suggests looking local. “There are sixty independent Canadian publishers that are selling to libraries now, and more than 2,000 other publishers.”