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Should more politicians speak the truth about how they feel?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The President of the United States has gone where few politicians will go, by publicly supporting same-sex marriage.

News1130 hit the streets of Vancouver to find out if you’d like to see more of political leaders take a stand, like Barack Obama did.

It could be about gay marriage, abortion, or any other controversial topic; people say they want to hear those in power speak the truth about how they really feel.

“I believe they should take more risks. Take a chance, because if they don’t… they can go out and get a job like the rest of us,” says one man, who argues being a leader is about having courage and not just saying things to win votes.

Another man we spoke with also wants to hear more strong opinions from leaders on controversial issues, but knows there will always be a filter.

“I think people say what they think the majority wants to hear. If more people were truthful, then we would have the truth. I think that’s what we expect from politicians, that they’re not upfront and not honest,” he explains.

Obama made his bold statement during an interview with ABC News.