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Premier unfazed by plummeting poll results

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s premier doesn’t seem too concerned by the latest polling numbers released by Angus Reid. With NDP support pegged at 50 per cent, and the governing Liberals way back with 23 per cent, the picture doesn’t seem very bright for Christy Clark.

“First of all, it’s an Angus Reid poll.  Do you remember what Angus Reid said about Alberta?  I think he said that the Wildrose is going to win a massive majority and Alison Redford’s government would be reduced to a tiny rump,” claims Clark.
Redford ended up shocking most of the pollsters, with an easy Alberta election victory last month, capturing 61 of 87 seats.  Clark says polls are getting less and less accurate, and believes the way polling firms collect their data is problematic.

“You get a phone call, and you’re cooking dinner for your kid, and your son is saying ‘Hey mom I need help with my homework’, the dog is barking, and the person on the other end of the line says ‘How are you going to vote in the next election ma’am?’ And you’re thinking what election?,” says Clark. “They insist on an answer, and I think that that’s the problem, I think that’s why we always see these guys get it wrong.”

She says plenty of other provincial governments have found success after trailing in pre-election polls.

“Dalton Mcguinty, or Alison Redford, or Greg Selinger, or any of the leaders across the country who have been re-elected as premiers were about the same place we are now, a year out from an election,”

Clark adds there’s still a lot of time before the poll that really counts in a general election.