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Many young people living jobless, ambition-free lives

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If your child is nearing 30 and still living at home without a job or ambition, it might be time for some tough love. A Statistics Canada report suggests almost one million young Canadians have no job, they don’t go to school and they don’t feel that there is anything wrong with that.

The numbers haven’t changed much over the last couple of years, with young men more likely to fall into this category.

Psychologist Dr. Derek Swain feels we are living in an age of entitlement. “Young people expect that they should have a good life; it should be presented to them without much effort on their part. This is largely a result of parents.”

He claims there are parents who don’t give their kids much responsibility. Swain feels it is important to give kids tasks at a young age, suggesting chores without the expectation of an allowance.

“If you are coddling an adult, they are not learning to live up to their responsibilities,” Swain explains. “It may be tough to show them the door but they need to have some experience with the realities of life. They need to get out and take on jobs that they may consider to be beneath them, hopefully to recognize that those jobs may be stepping stones to something better.”

His advice: It may be time for them to start practicing, “Would you like fries with that?”