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'Golden age' coming to an end

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Our country’s demographic ‘golden age’ is about to come to an end as seniors will soon be the fastest growing segment of the population.

The latest batch of 2011 Census stats will be released tomorrow. The numbers may show the period of ‘peak people’ is ending soon, as the number of baby boomers entering retirement is expected to grow faster than any other group over the next five years. That will put an added crush on our healthcare system and social programs.

Lorraine Logan, Council of Senior Citizens’ Associations of BC, says today’s twenty-somethings need to start thinking about their golden years now.

“I think we have to instigate something like that to make sure that the people coming up behind us have something other than the old age pension or CPP. I think we need to ensure that people can afford to get old,” states Logan.

“If there aren’t enough pensions out there, we address this issue. I know when I was in my 20’s and somebody asked if I was putting away money for old age, I laughed at them.”

Other experts say the Census numbers should be a wake-up call for governments and businesses that have only recently started to acknowledge the challenges of an aging society.