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Magnotta shows signs of psychopathy: expert

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Canadian man suspected of killing and dismembering an international student in Montreal won’t challenge his extradition from Germany.
This comes after Luka Magnotta made his first appearance in a Berlin courtroom earlier today.
The man who may be behind the murder, videotaping, and posting of the gruesome crime online could have a borderline personality disorder explains UBC Psychologist Dr. Don Dutton.

“He has enormously disproportionate reactions to anything he perceives as rejection,” he explains. “It sort of undermines his sense of self.  I suspect that he was feeling that that was happening in his relationship with the victim.”

Dutton says the gay porn actor craves attention and is somewhat of a “psychopath.”

“(With his) overwhelming narcissism and how caught up with himself he was, in a kind of sexual and aggressive sense, and there’s a certain amount of psychopathy because he’s pretty callous about what he does,” says Dutton.
From what Dutton has seen online and offline, Magnotta had a desire for “instant fame.”
“(His) playing out to the media, televising the thing,this is really a new wrinkle, this whole idea of capturing your crime and televising it, this is a new thing, ” adds Dutton.

He says the need for “five minutes of fame” as seen from Magnotta’s behaviour is a new detail in crime cases that we could see more of in our cyberspace-influenced society.  
As far as the possibility of copy cat murders, Dutton doesn’t expect this because of the extreme nature of the killing.