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Recycling in BC to hit milestone in July

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – While Torontonians pat themselves on the back for adopting a new ban on plastic shopping bags, British Columbians can look forward to recycling a wider array of stuff.

The fifth and final phase of the electronics recycling program comes into effect July 1.

That means you’ll be able to recycle electronic toys,  high-tech sports equipment, medical devices, big appliances and electric tools.

Brock MacDonald with the Recycling Council of BC says with this final phase, there should be very little electronics ending up in your garbage can.

“Everything that plugs in or uses a battery is covered by the electronics program. Really, nothing should be going to a landfill if it is an electronic product. Everything should be going to a depot,” he says.

And the evolution of recycling in BC continues in 2014, when companies will be fully responsible for collecting and recycling the packaging that comes with their products.