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Animal rescuers to host 'wake' for dead fish

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – Animal rescuers are still trying to tally up the losses at the Burnaby pond which was drawn down during the hunt for the snakehead last week.

Merina Mohr says they’ve managed to save four turtles, but much of the 80 or so koi fish have perished.

“The pond is empty except for the rosy red minnows which are the tiny little fish that look like goldfish,” she points out.

She has decided to hold a ceremony at the Central Park pond at 7 p.m. Friday, in recognition that the koi is considered sacred in some cultures.

“It’s a fish that represents longevity, wealth and prosperity. To kill ones that had been there for 30-plus years is a tragedy to some people,” Mohr explains.

She says not all aquatic life was lost, as she and other rescuers have managed to save four turtles, which they intend to adopt out.

The fish, turtles and frogs called the pond home after being placed there by owners who no longer wanted them.