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Wet weather isn't a deterrent for Dragon Boat racers

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Wet weather is keeping crowds down at this weekend’s Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival on False Creek.

While there are fewer fans this year, the paddlers aren’t letting the rain get in their way.

“It’s the wet coast, all right,” says Croft Bain, a kidney transplant recipient with O2P, whose team consists of haemodialysis patients, renal transplant patients, and health care professionals. “It’s to be expected and it doesn’t bother us at all.”

Tanya Bilde’s enthusiasm wasn’t affected by the poor weather either. She paddles with Eye of the Dragon, a team that consists of visually impaired, blind and sighted paddlers.

“It’s a water sport, you’re going to get wet, so you might as well get wet in the rain too,” she exclaims.

For Jun Bernadas, a kidney transplant recipient with O2P, it’s the sunny and warm camaraderie of the Dragon Boating community that helps him tolerate the rain, wind and cold.

“It’s one of the best groups out there,” he stresses. “We keep on coming ten years in a row and it’s been fun ever since.”