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Half of managers aren't good at coaching: study

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some compare it to an athlete needing the perfect coach to win gold. A staffing agency survey suggests many of us could benefit from the same situation at work.

Eighty-two per cent of Canadian office workers feel career coaching helps improve job performance but just half say their manager is an effective coach.

Ashleigh Demulder is the vice president of Robert Half, the company behind the numbers, tells us why it isn’t happening, “I think some of it is a time factor, that perhaps this isn’t happening. Secondly, it’s just general awareness. They are not aware that their employees are looking for the feedback and for mentoring.”

“People need to be aware of the makeup of the individuals on their team,” adds Demulder. “They probably have to adjust their style to these individuals.”

The career coaching gap is highlighted by the fact that 31% of employees say they never get career coaching, one quarter get it once a year.