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It's summer, right?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Keep those rain boots and umbrellas close by. It’s the first week of July, and it’s starting off the same way June ended — wet!

The month of June was 40 per cent wetter than average, with about 77 millimetres of rain in the rain gauge.

News1130 meteorologist Russ Lacate says as bad as June was, it’s not even close to being the worst on record.

“The rainfall amounts were much worse in 1981, 1956, 1990 and 1980. All four years the rainfall amount exceeded 100 millimetres by plenty,” notes Lacate, adding the Lower Mainland did see rainfall on 17 out of 30 days.

Lacate says the temperature was also one degree cooler than normal.

People on Vancouver streets tell News1130 that they’ve had enough with the clouds and rain.

“The weather was terrible. This is my first summer in Vancouver and it wasn’t the best and I’ve heard it’s been the worst in 30 years,” says this man who just moved here from the Czech Republic. “[Back home] they have record temperatures with the sun.”

Despite the gloomy weather, some people are trying to be optimistic.

“It’s got to get better sooner or later, right?” believes this man.

Another man says it could be a lot worse. “We have no hurricanes, we have no tornadoes, we have no wildfires. I guess we’re pretty lucky.”

Don’t expect to see much sun today as it will be mostly cloudy with showers throughout the day and we’ll only hit a high of 17.

Heat alert issued out east

Vancouver may be getting soaked, but out east, they’re getting baked in the sun.

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health has issued a heat alert for that city.

The heat alert warns of intense temperatures and humidity, and people are being advised to stay hydrated and look out for those at most risk of heat-related illness.

This is the fourth heat alert issued for Toronto this year. It also had a heat alert on May 28th, June 19th and June 28th. The June 19th alert was actually upgraded to an extreme heat warning on June 20th.

Environment Canada has also released a statement warning about of a return to a hot and humid situation starting tomorrow.