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Christy Clark's approval rating among women falls further

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The premier’s approval rating continues to sink among women in this province.

A recent survey shows the BC Liberals are rated even lower than the BC Conservatives.

“There’s been a trend now, from all the surveys we’ve conducted this year, that shows that the gender gap has grown immensely,” explains Mario Canseco with Angus Reid.

“Right now, the NDP is the number one choice for female decided voters in BC with 61 per cent,” he adds.

The Liberals are now third at just 17 per cent.

“This notion that the fact that we have a women sitting as the head of government… if anything, it has become even wider, with the NDP basically being chosen by a three-to-one margin over the Liberals, when it comes to women,” says Canseco.