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German shepherd rescued from Vancouver dumpster dies

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A two-year-old German shepherd rescued from a dumpster in Vancouver yesterday died after going into cardiac arrest last night at about 6 p.m.

Medical staff performed life-saving measures for more than 30 minutes but were unable to revive the dog.
“This is a tragic end to a heartbreaking case,” says Marcie Moriarty. “The dog has been in critical condition since we rescued him but we were hoping for a miracle that just didn’t come.”

The dog was found near-death and wrapped in a bloody blanket near Maple and Cornwall in Vancouver on Tuesday.

She tells us on top of substantial lacerations and bruising that had been inflicted on the dog, tests showed he was also suffering neurological damage and was likely quadriplegic.

“We did everything in our power to save him, but his injuries were just too serious,” says Moriarty, noting that the SPCA will now move the cruelty investigation into a forensic phase to collect evidence relating to the dog’s injuries.

BC SPCA constables have been actively pursuing the case since yesterday and have identified the owner of the animal.

People in the neighbourhood shocked and horrified

We spoke with one woman while she was out for her morning walk, just steps from where ‘Captain’ was abandoned, can’t believe someone would do such a thing.
“That’s disgusting, that anybody would treat any living creature that way and would have so little compassion for an animal, or a person, but an animal has very little defenses.  That’s sickening actually!” she exclaims.

Another woman tells us she just recently adopted a dog, is has also been affected by the horrific ending to this story.

“There’s the SPCA, there are shelters, and places where people can take it. So, if that was the case [it being sickly], there are other options. It’s really sad that had to happen,” she tells us.

Another animal lover says shakes his head and hopes there is justice. “That’s really cruel! Whoever is supposed to look after that dog did a very bad thing. That’s not right!”
“We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and the offers of help we have received for this poor dog and for the support we receive for the thousands of other animals who suffer abuse and violence,” adds Moriarty.