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Ferry operator and passenger receive bravery award

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s not every day you see someone fall from the Burrard Street bridge.
But that’s what happened as a False Creek Ferry operator and a passenger were making a crossing this past April.
Now, Rob Brand and Connie Stansfield are being recognized for their bravery.

“The two of them went over and found the person in the water and pulled them out of the water and onto the ferry,” explains Carol Messenger with Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services.

She says the two put themselves in some danger by responding the way they did.

“You know, there was a risk of falling in as they were performing the rescue, and here’s the aspect of body fluids,” she points out.

Unfortunately, the man who fell could not be revived.
Messenger is encouraging other people who’ve witnessed acts of bravery to recommend them for the award.