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Mango salmonella recall expanded to include Ontario

Federal health officials have expanded a recall of a Mexican-grown brand of Mangoes, that officials warn could be contaminated with salmonella.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency first said the Daniella Brand Mangoes had only been sold in provinces west of Ontario, but they now say the fruit may have been sold nationally.

The mangoes were sold between July 12 and up to, and including, August 28.

The affected Daniella-brand mangoes were sold as individual fruit with a sticker bearing PLU# 4959 or PLU# 4051, along with other information.

There have been several confirmed illnesses associated with eating these mangoes.

There has also been a widespread recall in the United States after a number of people there reported becoming sick.

It can be difficult to tell which mangoes are affected and you are recommended to contact the retailer where you purchased it to determine if they carried products affected by the recall.

Foods affected by salmonella bacteria may not appear or smell spoiled.