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Coquitlam teen to spend 2 years as Charlie Sheen's daughter

SHERMAN OAKS, CA (NEWS1130) – Life as she knows it will change drastically for a 19-year-old from Coquitlam next week.

That’s because the sitcom Daniela Bobadilla is starring in, alongside Charlie Sheen, has been picked up for 90 more episodes.

Ten episodes of Anger Management have already aired as a pilot.

Shooting for the other 90 episodes starts next week. That means a grueling schedule for the actors, who have to churn out two episodes a week, putting in 16 hour days.

Daniela, already a seasoned actress, admits playing Sheen’s daughter has been challenging.

“I actually have been doing a lot of drama. I haven’t done comedy in a while. So to jump into it, it’s such a fast pace. I think it was boot camp for everyone, just trying to get used to the pace. Then there’s working with Charlie. He’s the master. One take, and he’s done,” she explains.

Daniela plays 14-year-old Sam Goodson in the series.

“Instead of going to work and being an adult, that’s where I go to play. It’s really fun and Charlie always has a really fun environment around him. He’s just really professional. If anything you feel unprofessional and you feel like the diva compared to him.”

Daniela got her start at a little theatre called Theatrix Youththeatre Society in Coquitlam, then landed a role in Smallville. Then the producer of Mr. Troop Mom, another movie she was in, convinced her to move to California. That was three years ago.

And what do her friends here think of her success? She says her friends are used to seeing her on TV, thanks to her role on Awake. “They are really supportive. My best friends are being awesome, but it is weird for them.”

Her dad lived with her for her first year in California, but now both her parents are back in Coquitlam.