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What the heck is going on with gas prices these days?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Gas prices go up, gas prices go down; get ready for more rollercoaster rides at the pumps as markets fluctuate with nasty weather and global worries.

It was $1.35 for a litre of regular on Monday and $1.30 on Wednesday; today, we’re back at $1.35. Even energy advisors don’t know what’s going on.

Roger McKnight with consulting firm En-Pro International says with the situation unfolding in the Mideast, it’s anyone’s guess as to where gas prices will go. “Speculators are just going to go a little bit ‘nutso’ trying to figure that out.”

Another expert also blames the recent ups and downs in gas prices on the brief shutdown of refineries along the US Gulf Coast because of the Hurricane Isaac.

The founder of a website that tracks gas prices says we’re becoming more and more accustomed to jumps at the pumps.

Jason Toews with GasBuddy.com tells us we used to be livid when the price of a litre of gas skyrocketed up, only to fall just as drastically a few days later. He tells us the reaction was nasty back in 2005, when the damage by Hurricane Katrina rippled north of the border and sent the national average to a then-record of a $1.23 per litre.

“People were on the edge of revolution! People were really upset by the high gas prices and they were talking about boycotting the oil companies and gas stations,” recalls Toews.

He adds today, $1.23 per litre doesn’t seem so bad.