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Tips for recycling your old smartphone

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Now that the iPhone 5 is just days away from hitting our streets, what will you do with your old phone?

There are several options to make sure it ends up in the right place.

If you can’t trade it in when you upgrade, the worst thing you can do is throw your phone in the trash or just leave it in a drawer.

Mark Choma of Recycle My Cell says there are over a dozen locations around the Lower Mainland that will gladly take your old phone for a good cause. Certain carriers make donations to charities like foodbank or domestic abuse shelters for every phone that’s dropped off.

If you can’t make it to a recycling centre, Choma his company will provide postage paid envelopes you can print off at home to mail your old phone in.

He says the best thing to do is to give the phone to someone in your family who needs it, like a child or grandparent.

“It is in good working order to someone who might be able to use it, rather than keeping it in your drawer or putting it into a landfills,” he says. “There’s absolutely no reasons why a cellphone in 2012 should ever enter a landfill”

Choma adds whatever you do, make sure you wipe all your personal data from your phone and destroy your SIM card before it leaves your hands.