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Boss the dog learns the hard way he's not the boss in a raccoon chase

NORTH GALIANO ISLAND, B.C. – Boss the German shepherd learned the hard way that he wasn’t in charge when it came to protecting his property from an invading raccoon.

RCMP spent hours early Tuesday trying to rescue the dog after it chased the raccoon off a cliff near his owner’s property on North Galiano Island.

Police were called after Boss fell more than 10 metres into the water, then managed to pull himself onto a nearby ledge less than a metre above low tide.

RCMP say a member of the North Galiano Volunteer Fire Department repelled down the cliff but couldn’t rescue the dog.

The RCMP then brought in their police boat and were able to pull the dog and the fire department volunteer from the cliff side.

The wet and uninjured Boss was shuttled to the closest dock where he was reunited with his owner.