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Green Party advocates leaner government

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With the BC Conservative Party making the news recently, British Columbians are reminded that there are more than two parties vying for your vote in next May’s provincial election.

The Green Party is intending to field candidates in all but two ridings, the two ridings currently represented by independents.

Party leader Jane Sterk says they are trying to attract higher quality candidates, ones that are serious enough to plunk their own money into the campaigns.

“Our candidates are asked to raise their money from their friends, colleagues and family. People that are going to run full-on-to-win campaigns are people that feel confident they are able to raise in excess of $50,000,” notes Sterk.

The environment, per se, doesn’t get mentioned in the party’s top priorities.

Sterk says the platform includes the desire to reform the way the legislature works, to free up MLAs from having to vote along party lines.

The party is advocating for a leaner government, saying there are too many executive-level positions.

The party is also focused on strengthening local economies.

She says the environment will stand to benefit from those priorities.

“Moving to a localized economy will give us an ability to respond to climate change. And we believe a better democracy will allow better debate on environmental issues.”

And as far as splitting that so-called left of centre vote, Sterk says a vote for the Green Party is the only positive choice for change.