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Canucks charities may lose donations due to lockout

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The NHL lockout could have more of an impact than you may have thought.  Charities associated with the Vancouver Canucks could be in for tougher times according to SFU Marketing Expert Lindsay Meredith.

The Canucks for Kids Fund is the group that raises funding for charities associated with the team. Two of those charities that receive funding are Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and the Canucks Autism Network.

“We’re concerned because it is a funding source for our organization and we need to look at other ways that we can fundraise to support,” says Debbie Butt with Canuck Place. 

Both organizations say they are already strategizing to form partnerships with other community members.  Adding they are looking at putting on other events and ways to reach out to other donors.

“What’s really important is that we continue to raise awareness about the fact that we need support from the community to continue our programs,” says Noah Morantz with the Canucks Autism Network.

These are feelings echoed by Meredith who says partnering with the team brings public awareness to the charities.  “No attention means no donations,” he adds.

Meredith explains other charities that also have a connection to individual players will be impacted because if that player is not out on the ice getting coverage, his likelihood to attract funds goes down.  He adds it’s one of the downsides of hooking your charity on to a celebrity.