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Vancouver city councillor wants bowling at community centres

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You can already work-out, skate, and shoot hoops there; how about knocking over a few pins? A Vancouver city councillor suggests community centres would be great locations for bowling alleys.

With Varsity Ridge Bowling on the West Side set to close, Adriane Carr says her plan for city-operated alleys would fill a void.

“We have got, at a city level, a real commitment to a healthy city. And I think bowling is one of the healthiest activities for the widest range of people, including young kids, seniors, and teens,” she tells us.

“The threat of losing [Varsity Ridge] is really making people upset and I think the city should step in,” says Carr.

She’s spoken with the city manager of Langford, near Victoria, where something similar was recently tried after the loss of a private bowling centre.

“[He told] me that he thought it was the best investment they’ve ever made. It’s making money for the city, it’s packed all the time… people love it,” explains Carr.