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Who would pay for community centre bowling alleys?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Vancouver Park Board is wondering why Vancouver councillor Adriane Carr didn’t consult them in her plan to bring bowling alleys into community centres.

Aaron Jasper says it’s ultimately the Park Board’s decision.

“A phone call probably would have been in order from the councillor to talk to us about her ideas because again, ultimately, it does rest with us,” he says. “Would we have to put a bowling alley in at the expense of something else or is she proposing the city would give us more money.”

This all comes after the closing of Varsity Ridge Bowling — one of Vancouver’s long standing bowling alleys — was threatened. Carr says community centres would be great locations for bowling alleys.

“We have got, at a city level, a real commitment to a healthy city. And I think bowling is one of the healthiest activities for the widest range of people, including young kids, seniors, and teens,” she notes.

Jasper says it’s a good idea, but there might be a disconnect between what councillors think the protocol is and what it actually is. However, he says the Park Board is open to discussion.