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Port Moody police reviewing over a hundred roadside tests

PORT MOODY (NEWS1130) – Port Moody police are reviewing the files of more than a hundred people who were given roadside breathalyzer tests last year.

Port Moody constable Luke van Winkel says an officer had miscalibrated the devices.

“The solution used to calibrate the machine is only allowed to be used a certain number of times and unfortunately our officer was using the solution above the allotted time frame.”

The officer in question has been handed a verbal reprimand over the incident.
Files between January and October of last year are now under review to link specific cases with the devices.

“We’re doing the best we can to try and ensure no one is neglected or mistreated by our mistake. At this time we’re still working on who is affected and what we can do for them.”

Van Winkel says anyone concerned can contact police or the superintendent of motor vehicles.