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NDP leader keeps lips sealed on transit to-do list

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – NDP Leader Adrian Dix was asked what his plans are after the BC Liberals said a rapid transit line on Broadway in Vancouver is not a priority, but we’re not being told what’s on his transit to-do list if he becomes premier.

The City of Vancouver says a Broadway rapid transit line is crucial for its Transportation 2040 Plan.

“That’s clearly been identified as a priority, but there are other priorities as well — including priorities south of the Fraser, there are other priorities in terms of addressing bus service,” explains Dix. “Those are things that clearly we’ll discuss with the region. Just as the mayor of Surrey’s priorities are very important, so are the ones laid out by the mayor of Vancouver.”
He also points out a funding model needs to be worked out before he can start backing plans, and he’s looking at how to address that.

“None of the money from the carbon tax has gone to support issues of transportation infrastructure, and this is something I’ve been talking about for some time,” Dix adds.

The BC Liberals have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into local transit options over the next three years.