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Full-time work can reduce your stress levels: research

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Canadians are feeling overwhelmed due to the struggling economy, according to the Sun Life Canadian Health Index.

It finds 72 per cent of adults are feeling it and that number spikes to 90 per cent for workers between the ages of 18 and 24.

Kevin Press with Sun Life says there are four sources of stress on employees: money, relationships, work, and health. He points out two of those are directly linked to your employment.

A lack of work is what is weighing on many in that young category. Press says 30 per cent of all employees say they’re under employed; that number jumps for the younger generation.

“It’s 39 per cent who describe themselves as under employed. We feel that’s pretty compelling,” he tells us.

The bottom line is full-time, stable employment leads to happier workers who are less stressed. 

“Consistently, full time employees describe themselves as healthy than did part time employed Canadians,” says Press.   

Eight in ten Canadians feel employers have a role in helping them manage their stress.