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New $20 bills now working at SkyTrain vending machines

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Good news for anyone using transit today: Ticket machines at SkyTrain stations are now able to accept the new $20 polymer bills.

TransLink reported the problem last week, saying though it had an idea of when the new notes would be released, it didn’t have an exact date. That’s why it was caught off-guard when the bills were rolled out earlier this month.

“So, they’ve been working on it. They’ve got the solution and they’ve spent the past week getting out there and upgrading all the ticket vending machines. Now they can all take the new $20 bills,” says Drew Snider with TransLink.

This isn’t the first hiccup for the ticket machines and new currency. There were problems when the new loonies and toonies first came out, as well.

Snider is hopeful they won’t have the same problems when the new $5 and $10 bills come out in 2013. “We expect not, but they’re still working on future solutions for that to make sure that doesn’t happen.”