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Where's the report on Burnaby Hospital?

BURNABY (NEWS1130) – The health critic for BC’s opposition says a controversial report is late and he wants to know why the government hasn’t put it out yet.

Mike Farnworth says a paper from a community committee tasked with improving Burnaby Hospital should have been released months ago. He wonders if the delay has anything to do with leaked emails that suggest the BC Liberals set up the committee for political reasons.

“The question is: Where’s the report? You said this was going to be the basis for improvements at the hospital in Burnaby and yet, now it’s two months overdue,” says Farnworth.

“Once again, this is one of those things where they announce it with great fanfare, but the reality is it seems to be little more than just a political exercise and there’s no real substance,” he adds.

He says the report was supposed to be out in time for the BC Liberal Convention.