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Skills training is key economic priority for NDP leader

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s opposition leader has told a BC Federation of Labour convention the key priority for the economy is to address the shortage of skills training.

Adrian Dix goes on to say the failures of BC’s apprenticeship programs need to be addressed as well.

“If it is true that people’s ability to succeed to essentially have opportunity, the skills they need to succeed, then we need to take steps now to address that. There needs to be more training spaces and unions need to become more a part of the process.”

“Because when you have union training programs with 90 per cent completion rates, you need every voice at the table.”

He says education also need to be front and centre.

“Young people in these times need to have the same access that my generation had to post secondary education. I think it is wrong in an economy to say that you need to have post secondary education to get so many jobs…and then to preclude people from going for economic reasons.”

Dix adds his party plans to roll back corporate tax cuts related to the carbon tax — to 2008 levels to use some of that cash to re-invest in communities.