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Many reduce, reuse, recycle Christmas trash

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s something many of you probably regret seeing today — piles of used holiday wrapping and bows.

Some of you will end up throwing away bags and bags of post-Christmas trash, sending it to our local landfills.

But not everyone will have that burden.

Over the last couple of years, Michelle started changing her ways. “I didn’t use any wrap.  I was so proud of myself.  My boys needed pillow cases so I stuck the presents in the pillow cases and tied them with big red bows and they can use the pillow cases,” says Michelle.

“Brown bags, I used that and then ended up putting on some ribbon.  I think it’s a waste to spend five to ten dollars on wrapping paper,” she adds.

Many say being green is the way to go.

Allison always folds up her holiday paper nice and neatly but doesn’t throw it in her trash bin.

“I always recycle Christmas paper, as much recycling as I can, you know, everybody should.  It doesn’t take much research to find green ways,” she says.

Others managed to avoid gift wrap altogether.

“We gave gift certificates so that cut down all the waste.  My kids and my grandkids like that.  They’ve got everything.   We all got to go out and eat,” explains Sharon.

“I hate all that waste.  It bugs me, all these trees that are being wasted on all this waste paper.  It’s hard to change habits, but you should think about it.  If they want to have any trees left, they better do it,” she advises.

Some decided to only shop locally this holiday season, as they say it’s better for the environment.