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Number 5 of Top 12 of 2012

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – He was the CEO of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and 2012 is likely a year John Furlong won’t forget.

“I have been accused today, in this article, of physical abuse and apparently, within the last hour, sexual abuse. I want you to know that I categorically deny, absolutely, any wrongdoing and I believe the RCMP are looking into this matter,” we recall Furlong saying in his first address to the media in late-September.

Over a week later, Furlong posted a statement on his website, in which he continued to describe the article, written by journalist Laura Robinson and published in the Georgia Straight, as false and libellous.

RCMP acknowledged it was aware of the allegations and had been investigating.

Babine Nation Chief Wilf Adam confirmed a team of RCMP officers had, in fact, been to the village investigating the allegations. “I was told by the local RCMP office up there, they didn’t give out any names, or anything like that.”

The court documents have now been released and outline the case being made by the former 2010 Olympic boss, who denies allegations of abuse against students during his time in Burns Lake in the late-1960’s. Furlong claims he has suffered distress, embarrassment, and a loss of income as a result of the story.

A civil suit has been filed by Furlong against Robinson, owner and publisher of the paper Daniel McLeod, and editor Charles Smith. It could take over a year for the case to go to trial.

Robinson has said she plans to countersue Furlong for his suggestions she didn’t do the proper research. She said Furlong intentionally misinformed the public about her professional ethics when he accused her of a shocking lack of diligence and having a vendetta against him.