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Van Isl DJ fired after using inappropriate term with premier

COURTENAY (NEWS1130) – The Courtenay radio DJ at the centre of a controversial question asked on-air to BC’s premier has been fired.

Justin Wilcomes, also known as “Drex,” on Courtenay’s 98.9 JetFM says he lost his job over the question he asked Christy Clark on behalf of a listener last month.

Many feel the term he used is disrespectful to women but he says he doesn’t think he made a mistake. “I did what was expected of me.”

“I work at a rock station. We do entertainment and comedy interspersed with things in our community. I don’t think it was a bad thing. I think, more the media attention is what they were angry about,” he tells us.

Drex says he understands he should face some kind of consequence but firing him is an over-reaction.  “I understand that I upset a few people and I’m sorry for that and I never meant to offend anybody.”

He emphasizes he has wanted to apologize to Clark. “I was never given an opportunity, I wanted to do that but I was told I wasn’t allowed to say anything to anybody about anything at any stage.”

In the interview, Clark was asked what it was like to be a MILF. *Link contains language not suitable for all readers.*

Clark did answer the question on air, but critics found very little humour in her response.

Jet FM confirms it has released Justin “Drex” Wilcomes from his employment contract. “We treat employee matters as private and will not comment further, other than to say that this was an internal decision.”