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Haiti devastated by earthquake three years ago today

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Three years ago today, Haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake that killed over 300,000 and left millions homeless.

According to World Vision Canada, Canadians have contributed over $45 million since 2010.

Jonathan Papoulidis with the aid organization says it’s been the greatest outpouring of help he’s ever seen for an international disaster.

“We were able to feed about 2.5 million, when there was nothing, there was no access to food. We helped put together 40,000 emergency shelters and around 15,000 transitional shelters.

He says the process now is to help Haiti stand on its own two feet — with over 300,000 people still living in temporary tents

He thinks Haiti touched a nerve with our country because of the number of children involved. “Part of the Canadian identity, and we’ve seen that in the generosity that came forth for Haiti, is to help those in dire circumstances. Those that really are at the bottom end, in terms of mortality rate, education, access to food.”

Canadian money also helped to resource 5,000 hospitals.