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Marking five years since the murder of Lindsay Buziak

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – It is one of BC’s most notorious unsolved murder cases.

A realtor from Vancouver Island was murdered at the home she was showing and her killer (or killers) have never been caught.

“When she walked into a room, she was just magnetic,” recalls Jeff Buziak.

“You were drawn towards her.”

Five years ago today, his 24-year-old daughter Lindsay was found dead from stab wounds, inside a home in the Gordon Head neighbourhood of Saanich.

Hours earlier, the young realtor had agreed to meet alone with someone she believed was an interested buyer.

Her father still shaken by the loss and is clearly frustrated there still aren’t many solid leads, despite his daughter’s case receiving worldwide attention, including a profile on Dateline NBC.

“This shouldn’t be allowed.  This can’t go on.  People can’t get away with murder.  So something has to be done, somebody has to do something and eventually you have to draw a line in the sand and say, ‘this is it, no more.'”

Buziak is marking the anniversary with a walk that will pass by the home where she was murdered and end at Saanich Police headquarters.

“If the [provincial government], if Saanich Police are not capable of taking care of lawlessness and justice in BC, they know a group of lowlifes murdered by my daughter and they’re walking around free in Greater Victoria.   They can’t be allowed to get away with murder,” he says.