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Should we have to show ID to vote?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Federal election laws that require voters to show ID and proof of residence are being challenged in BC Court of Appeal this week.

Opponents of the rules argue they’re unfair to certain groups, such as the homeless and seniors.

Under the law, voters have to show government-approved ID or get someone who does to vouch for them.

Raji Mangat of the BC Civil Liberties Association says the law is not necessary.    “In the absence of any compelling evidence that there is a voter fraud problem in Canada, and we’ve not seen that kind of evidence, we don’t see that we need to have additional barriers.”

Mangat believes it’s unfair to some segments of society. “The concern is that this is going to disproportionately affect certain groups of people — people that are already vulnerable and marginalized and don’t have a huge political voice.”

The case is scheduled for three days before the BC Court of Appeal this week, although it’s unclear when a judgment would be issued.

The law had been upheld in BC Supreme Court in 2010.