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Low attendance leads to fewer PNE days, lower prices

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Declining attendance last year means two fewer days for the Fair at the PNE this summer.

The first two Mondays, which are traditionally the slowest days of the fair have been cut.

Organizers say they’re also cutting ticket prices by 20 per cent to pack the crowds.

“They will be going from $20 in 2012 to $16 [this year], including tax at the gate for adult admission. We’ve also reduced our on-site parking rate to $16 including tax from $20 in 2012,” explains Laura Ballance with the PNE.

“This is a direct response into current economic conditions and we think it is going to be very successful for us,” she says.

Ballance tells us they’re now looking to firm up and announce the 2013 entertainment roster, which is typically done in June.

The man behind the famous perogy stand at the PNE is disappointed that two days will be cut from the fair this summer.

Hunky Bill is worried about how this could affect business.

Bill Konyk says vendors have just over 2 weeks to make their money.

“We’ll see what the figures are. If we do more business than last year than we are on the right streak. The decision has been made, so we will live… try it out, and see at the end of the year whether it was a good thing.”

He’s been at the fair for almost 50 years and he is applauding the move to slash ticket prices.

“That is a positive move, dropping the price of parking and admission is a plus factor for families.”