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Family Day a holiday for most, but an inconvenience for many

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says Family Day is a holiday for most, but it’s an inconvenience for many.

It wants to see the province kick in with a Family Day Tax Credit.

Mike Klassen with the CFIB says the province needs to mitigate that cost.

“Perhaps offset it by helping us with perhaps around simplifying the rules around PST for example. And cutting red tape, that’s the way you can help small businesses. At the end of the day, this is really money out of their pocket,” he says.

Klassen says only a quarter of small businesses support the day off, a number that would rise to two-thirds if the government helped out. “For the vast majority of small businesses, it’s a day off or it’s time that they’re going have pay additional costs to staff and unfortunately it’s a burden they’re going to have to bear.”

It’s turning into one of the more controversial days off in this province.

Klassen says that burden is $1,135 for a business with less than five employees.