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No sign of missing Vancouver woman in LA

LOS ANGELES (NEWS1130) – The search continues in Los Angeles for missing UBC student Elisa Lam, but police don’t have much to go on 10 days into the investigation.

“We’ve had some tips come in, not many, but nothing that has proven to be her. Some sightings, but they proved not to be her,” says LAPD Detective Wallace Tennelle.

“We’re just investigating whatever personal habits she may have. And trying to follow up on where she was headed to or what she wanted to see,” he continues.

Police are treating the disappearance as suspicious.

Wallace, a homicide detective, was assigned to the case because of its international nature. He says that though the investigation may lag, it won’t be pushed aside.

“Like the murders that I investigate, they may grow cold but we don’t close them. I’m pretty sure that’s the same with missings, we don’t close them out.”

Tennelle is keeping the Vancouver woman’s family updated with what progress they do make.

“We can’t give them everything we have but we do try to keep them in the loop as to what’s going on,” he explains.

Lam was last seen outside the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on January 31.