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Last-minute advice for Valentine procrastinators

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Check out all the men packed into the greeting card section of your local grocery store; it is Valentine’s Day and the procrastinators are panicking!

If you’re one of them, there are still options for you, but just be prepared to pay for your lack of planning. Flowers are outrageously-priced today and you will have to bribe your way into anything approaching a good restaurant.

If you are truly desperate (or truly cheap), News1130 is checking out the last resort for Valentine’s Day gifts: the convenience store.

For the creative, this can actually work! There are chocolates and pens and paper to write sweet missives to your sweetheart. You could even work an Adam and Eve theme with a fresh and forbidden red apple.

If that doesn’t do it for you, the way to your Valentine’s heart may be through her stomach.

“Taquitos? Sure, why not?” says desperate Cory, though he admits he’s probably more likely to drown his heartache in chili dogs.

“I was never really too good with women, so I don’t like the holiday. It just makes me think of a bunch of missed opportunities really,” he laughs.

An aisle or two over, we found Jay, wondering if cheap chocolates will cut it on February 14th. But he’s not too worried about it. “I truly believe it’s a Hallmark holiday. It’s a cash cow!”

A recent Valentine poll suggests you don’t have to break the bank to romance your love tonight.

“Overall, the safest bet for men and women is the traditional dinner out, but the next-best thing is simply to spend some time together and not necessarily spend any money,” says Ipsos VP Kyle Braid.

But be careful with some of the other inexpensive options. Braid tells News1130 that poetry may be cheap but “getting a handwritten letter or note is lower on the list.”

It ranks below flowers and chocolate.