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Allan Schoenborn asks to be transferred to Manitoba

COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – The man found not criminally responsible for killing his three children in Merritt in the summer of 2008 wants to be transferred to Manitoba.

Allan Schoenborn, who is currently being held at a psychiatric hospital in Coquitlam, has faced the BC Review Board for his annual hearing; the board may make a decision today or Monday.

Ahead of the hearing, his ex-wife, Darcie Clarke and her family were afraid Schoenborn might be granted escorted day-passes, as Colony Farm Psychiatric Hospital, which is very close to where her family lives.

Clarke’s cousin, Stacy Galt, says they would prefer Schoenborn be kept at Colony Farm. “On one side, it doesn’t really matter where Allan goes to. But on the other side, the family still wants to stay and fight here because this is where this has all happened.”

Governments in both provinces would have to approve the transfer.

Schoenborn’s case prompted Prime Minister Stephen Harper to make reforms to legislation aimed at mentally-ill offenders, but they won’t kick in for another year.

Dave Texeira also speaks for the family. “[Shoenborn has] refused any sort of treatment while he’s been in custody over the last few years. So, in our opinion, he’s not a candidate for any sort of day-pass; escorted, or even un-escorted release. We hope that the BC Review Board will agree with that.”

“Anything can happen at these review boards; it’s not necessarily based on judicial law. It’s based on the feelings of a three-member panel. It’s a bit of a scary process,” he adds.

It has been nearly five years since 10-year-old Kaitlynne, eight-year-old Max and five-year-old Cordon were found dead.

Galt is asking people to visit 4darcie.ca and sign a petition to keep Schoenborn from being released and help the new changes to the law go through quickly.

MLA makes strong remark in response to Schoenborn case

In response to News1130’s story about the Schoenborn case today, one NDP MLA has tweeted “he can drop dead.”

Mike Farnworth represents Port Coquitlam, which is also home to the psychiatric hospital where the child killer is being held.

He stands by his comments.

“It’s how I felt when I read your story. It was a horrific case. It arouses very strong feelings in people. That was my reaction,” he tells News1130.

Farnworth says if he had to, he would defend those comments in the Legislature.

“Absolutely. That’s the reaction that many people in my community feel towards what was a horrific case involving the terrible murder of three little kids.”

The MLA won’t comment on the review process, but says the main priority is keeping Schoenborn off the street.