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Local mayors questioning efficiency of Transit Police

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some local mayors are voicing their concerns, wondering how efficient Transit Police are. Vancouver’s mayor is one of those and he’s now suggesting getting rid of it.

Gregor Robertson says there have been concerns for a while. He adds if there are already police forces in every city across the region, then why not just use them?

“We would like to see TransLink be more efficient and focus on transportation, specifically. Policing, we have great police forces here in Metro Vancouver and perhaps we should be using them instead of having a whole different force that’s more expensive to run.”

He wants to see a comparison of costs between having transit police versus using local forces. “We have to see the numbers and understand what would be more efficient and what would increase public safety, that’s the bottom line here. We all want it to be safer and the transit police were created in part to make sure there was focus on improving safety at transit stations in particular, so that’s got to continuing to improve.”

Robertson says it doesn’t “add up” of having an entire police force dedicated just to the transit system. He thinks TransLink should focus more on its service for users and leave policing to the mayors.