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Place your bets for BC election with UBC Predictions Market

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With the provincial election just over three months away, it is time to place your bets.

A UBC Predictions Market is now open for trading.

This data isĀ  being collected by the Sauder School of Business which it says can help predict the election outcome.

Economics Associate Professor Werner Antweiler says it is very accurate. “So it’s both a research and a teaching venture. Through the market we try to teach the use of the market. It has an educational aspect to it, but participation in the market creates valuable research for us.”

He says systems like it have also been used during US presidential elections.

“Markets are forward looking in nature, people are trying to estimate where the trend is heading. People are looking not only at the current space but also at the momentum that has been forming…and trying to figure out where that trend is leading.”

If you were betting today the NDP is predicted to take twice as many seats as the Liberals.

You need to deposit at least $25 to begin trading.