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Should seniors be charged more to drive?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Insurance brokers back east have been given the green light to charge seniors more to drive.  So could it happen here?

It’s a decision that is bound to stir up controversy.  The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal struck down an age discrimination complaint by a 92-year-old driver upset he was paying more than his 62-year-old daughter.  The panel found crash risks are higher for drivers over 80 and that warrants higher charges.

But ICBC‘s Adam Grossman says seniors do not pay higher rates in BC, and there are no plans to change that.

“Age doesn’t play any way in how we set our insurance premiums,” he says.  “We look more at driver experience, where someone lives, how they’re using their vehicle and what kind of coverage they want.  Age doesn’t play any factor and there are no plans to change that going forward.”

“When we look at elderly or senior drivers, the crash risk is complicated,” Grossman adds.  “We find no one statistic can tell its own story.  Certainly I think it comes down to a number of other factors.”

In fact, seniors in this province with a good driving record can apply for a discount of up to 25 per cent.  In BC, drivers over the age of 80 are subject to a road test every two years.