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TransLink wants you to mind your manners

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Spitting on the floor of a bus, picking your nose and wiping it on the seat, even just taking up more room than you need.  These are all things TransLink is hoping to stop with its new etiquette campaign.

Derek Zabel with TransLink says they receive a number of complaints everyday about people doing disgusting things on Skytrains and buses.

He hopes the advertisements will act as a reminder to mind your manners.

“Those advertisements really truly work, a lot of people don’t necessarily make eye contact with one another, they’re often looking up above at the ads,” explains Zabel.

Psychologist Dr. Alyson Jones says as long as humour is used, this kind of thing can be really effective.

“If you can make people laugh it can pull them in and they can appreciate it.  It could get conversations going with people and it could start to create solutions or a little bit more awareness.

You’ll see the ads pop up this spring.