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More controversy for the premier after off-colour remark about ex-husband

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s premier has been caught making an off-the-cuff sexual reference to her ex-husband

Christy Clark compared him to a microphone that just couldn’t stay up.

OMNI TV Political Analyst Kim Emerson says she’s likely offending women’s groups who feel it’s vulgar and inappropriate and men who just don’t think it’s funny.

“Premiers in the past have gotten into all kind of trouble for telling off-colour jokes. This doesn’t stray far from that at all, and it’s just another thing that will cause her problems with the public and in many cases problems with women.”

He says she can’t seem to catch a break, “but she’s the architect of her own problem in this situation. It’s wholly inappropriate, no matter who you are, nevermind as the main and prime leader as the province of British Columbia. Wholly inappropriate.”

It happened a few weeks ago while she was speaking to business leaders near Comox but we’re only hearing about it now.

Emerson says this week is critical for Clark, we’re expected to see the review into a controversial plan to win ethnic votes using provincial resources. He says the pending review will likely mean more resignations for the Liberals.