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NDP says it would have money for ER doctors

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The NDP says unlike the Liberals, it would commit more dollars to BC’s beleaguered emergency room doctors.

Last week, the group called for $10 million in funding to address the desperate situation in the province’s hospitals.

Opposition Health Critic Mike Farnworth says a New Democrat government would spend money differently.

“This is a question of priorities and the government’s priorities have been to spend money on partisan advertising, a film pageant… that’s almost $27 million right there. So, it’s a question of priorities,” he tells us.

Farnworth also agrees this situation has become desperate.

“We’ve got issues around the ability to meet the huge demand, the pressure put on emergency rooms in the Lower Mainland, dealing with issues around bedblocking, where patients are in the wrong kind of bed… causing backlogs into emergency rooms.”

He adds more details will be revealed in the party’s election platform, but hasn’t say when it will be released.