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Fake ICBC driver decals appearing; many call them racist

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – ICBC isn’t commenting on fake new driver decals that some people may find offensive.

Instead of a green ‘N’ or red ‘L,’ the tags are yellow with a black ‘C’ on them.

“Chinese driver” is written underneath, next to an ICBC logo.

Pictures of the knock-off tags are starting to pop up online, and SFU marketing expert Lindsay Meredith says ICBC is making a smart move by not commenting.

“If they get involved in that kind of thing, it does create a discussion agenda and it’s a discussion agenda I’m sure ICBC will happily do without,” he tells News1130.

“As soon as you get involved in a to-and-fro debate over this sort of thing, is does lend a level of legitimacy to the movement; other people hear about it and then they want to get the stickers. If you keep on bickering about it, it keeps on getting coverage. I doubt ICBC would touch this one with a barge pole.”

Meredith says this would have been a much smaller deal before Facebook and Twitter.